Click here for our story in video.  Thank you to videographer Elver Morales.

Loaves & Fishes provides Carroll County families access to the federal  The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP)  as well as salvage and donated foods.  Households may come once per month to receive an allotment if the total household income falls below the current guidelines for the number of persons sharing the same legal address and utility services account.

Click on this link for the 2018 facts.

Click on this link for the 2017 facts.

Click on this link for the 2016 facts.

Click here facts and graph 2015 services.

In 2016 Loaves & Fishes served 385,399 pounds of food.  We distributed this in 6,898 separate allotments.  Families can come each month to receive food; however 58% came 4 times or less.  Only 8% came twelve times or more during the year.  If you count each family served at least one time during the year, there were a total of 4,312 individuals within the households served during 2016.

Thirty five percent of the persons receiving the food are less than 18 years of age.  In addition to families served, we also provide about 130 food packs each week for children in danger of hunger as identified by the school nurses.  These food packs are sent home each Friday and over other holidays to help these children when the school meal program is not available to them.  We serve both Berryville and Green Forest.  This program is called “Food for Hungry Kids.”

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