You may click on the above link and give through Paypal.

Or you may mail a check to:

Loaves & Fishes Food Bank of the Ozarks, Inc
P. O. Box 149
Berryville, AR  72616-0149

To Donate food items, simply come in on Monday’s, Wednesday’s or Friday’s between 10 am and 2 pm with your donation. We will weigh the food items and give you a receipt in poundage for your record keeping. You may donate anonymously if you desire.

3 Responses to DONATE

  1. We take donations all donations of food. Please bring them during the hours the food bank is open. Thank you for thinking of those who struggle.


  2. Louise Goodson says:

    I just set up a monthly donation, beginning April 15, 2020. A check will be sent from XXXXXXXXX Bank, Berryville, Ar. Should you need further info. Please call 870-xxx-xxxxx.


    • Thank you so much for supporting Loaves & Fishes. These trying days we all especially appreciate those who make themselves helpful. Thank you. Although I set up the page, I have since moved from the area. I edited your message as I didn’t want to post your complete phone number. May your willingness feed the hungry be encouragement to others to do as you have done. Again, Thank you!


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