Usually food is supplied on the day of application.

  1. Sign an income statement for the past 30 days for all household income and the figure falls under USDA guidelines.  Income Guides 2018-2019
  2. Provide picture identification for client.
  3. Provide identifying documents (something you didn’t write yourself) for all household members.
  4. Provide proof of Carroll County, AR residence (current utility bill).
  5. Clients may be served once each 30 days or one time per calendar month.

Loaves & Fishes Food Bank of the Ozarks, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider.


6 Responses to HUNGRY?

  1. Rick Sage says:


    I want to apply for your foid bank. I don’t have a utility bill in my name. Can I use my license?Or, something else?




    • Our food bank is the TEFAP distributor for Carroll County thus we have to follow the rules of The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), a government program. TEFAP requires picture identification, proof of Carroll Co residency with a document issued recently, proof of identity for all household members and report all household income. Your landlord can provide a rent receipt if the landlord pays the utilities. TEFAP is a household program for all persons sharing a residence. A residence is defined as same mail box and same electric meter. Person who “board” or share a home with someone must all provide personal information for all with that address; and the total household income is used to determine qualification. If you have further questions, please come by the food bank during open hours.

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  2. Rick Sage says:

    I have another question.

    I’m on SS Disability and receive $1424 a month
    Is that too much for one person to qualify for assistance?




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